Our Lead Fine Art Printer

Sergio Leyva Seiglie, our Lead Fine Art Printer has been taking photos for many years. A large body of his work is street photography mainly focused around Havana, Cuba where he was born and lived until moving to Sydney this year.


Sergio’s focus in his Cuban series is on the moments, situations, characters and places that captivated him and that carry Cuba’s distinctiveness, as he sees it. They are a small testimony to his tireless roaming around the streets of Havana, paying tribute to his homeland.


As a photographer, Sergio knows how important it is to print using paper that brings an image to life. He is passionate about a precise printing workflow. In his words, ‘Printing is the realisation of the whole photography process. It is where the photo you conceived comes to life.’


To see Sergio’s photography work visit, http://sergioleyvaphotography.com