Please make a note of our new postal address:  PO Box 20, Canterbury  NSW  2193

About Us

Kent Street Studio is a Fine Art Printer where local, national and international photographers come to print their work to the highest quality.

We believe in people’s stories, in their history. We believe in the courage it takes to show your creativity to the world, and the importance of finding a printer to assist your art to come to life. Our role is to understand your vision, take your images from film or digital and give them life on paper. We print your images in their most beautiful and authentic light.

Trust us with your creativity and your vision. We are passionate about the quality of every image we print. And we are proud to be a part of your creative journey.


Collaborate with our specialist Printers, share your vision and bring your photographs to life.

We use the best quality photographic paper, because the beauty of your print is enhanced by the textures, touch, tones and the pop of colour on certain types of paper.