Film Processing

We know the care you have taken when shooting with film, to frame your shot, to light it and to get the settings perfect. We take as much care to develop, scan and print your film as you do when you’re taking the photographs with film. Our process is measured and careful; we think about the outcome, we include human interaction in the process and we care for our equipment.



We develop all 35mm and 120 medium format C-41 and traditional Black and White films.

We use a Noritsu processor which ensures both colour and black and white are developed to the highest standard through the use of the Noritsu processing and developing technology.



Film is scanned on our state of the art Noritsu HS-1800 scanner to beautifully capture the unique qualities of light recorded on film. We scan 135mm and 120mm film stock, cut or uncut negatives and transparencies up to 8×10 inches.

Our Noritsu scanner offers a vast dynamic range, giving depth and subtlety to an image captured on film.

Our experienced team will follow your direction, if you’re interested in a purely linear scan. However, you may also choose to put your trust in his artistic passion, where he will add richness to your images by correcting colour, and by adjusting density, brightness, contrast and curves.

Scans are supplied back to you as JPEG scans in sizes 3-10mb. We can also scan in lossless TIFF format (surcharge applies).

In addition, we scan prints up to A4 size on our professional flatbed scanner.



Our cutting edge Noritsu QSS Green dry lab will turn your digital and film images into tangible memories. Capable of a maximum 1440dpi resolution, you can be sure we will do justice to your photos with razor sharp detail and smooth gradations. Vivid colours are guaranteed thanks to Noritsu’s proprietary inks and AccuSmart image correction technology.

Our Fine Art prints are output using a Canon PRO-4000. Regarded in the industry as the best-in-class, its 12-colour system produces breathtaking true-to-life colours that will impress even the most discerning eye.


Development Only

Black & White Processing 35mm $19.95
Black & White Processing 120 $19.95
C41 Processing 35mm $18.95
C41 Processing 120 $18.95

Development and Scanning

Developing Services Colour 35mm $19.95
Developing Services Colour 120 $19.95
Developing Services Black & White 35mm (C41) $19.95
Developing Services Black & White 120 (C41) $19.95
Developing Services Black & White 35mm (Traditional) $22.95
Developing Services Black & White 120 (Traditional) $22.95

Development and Print

12-24 Exposures 6″x4″ – 1 SET $24.95
12-24 Exposures 6″x4″ – 2 SETS $34.95
36 Exposures 6″x 4″ – 1 SET $29.95
36 Exposures 6″x4″ – 2 SETS $39.95
12-24 Exposures 5″x7″ – 1 SET $29.95
12-24 Exposures 5″x7″ – 2 SETS $39.95
36 Exposures 5″x 7″ – 1 SET $35.95
36 Exposures 5″x 7″ – 2 SETS $45.95
12-24 Exposures 6″x8″ – 1 SET $37.95
12-24 Exposures 6″x8″ – 2 SETS $47.95
36 Exposures 6″x 8″ – 1 SET $35.95
36 Exposures 6″x 8″ – 2 SETS $45.95

Scan Only (from film or prints)

35mm Cut Negatives (per roll) $25.00
35mm Uncut Negatives (per roll) $20.00
120 Cut Negatives (per roll) $25.00
120 Uncut Negatives (per roll) $20.00
Scanning – Tiff File – High Resolution (per roll) $40.00
Scanning – From Print $5.00
Scanning – Single Frame $5.00
Scanning – Single Slide $5.00

Add-On Services

Scanning – Tiff $15.00
Dropbox Upload per order $5.00

Additional Services

Passport Photos 4 $25.00
Passport Photos 8 $35.00