Mounting & Framing

Finishing off your prints is all part of the process.

We supply prints un-mounted, mounted or framed. It’s up to you and how you would like your final print presented.



Mounting is a popular option to finish off your print. It is a professional and stylish alternative to framing, and gives extra support to your print so it will last longer. Prints are mounted flush to the edge on mounting boards. We offer Foam Core and Gator Board mounting.

  • Foam Core Mounting is sturdy and lightweight, allowing you to easily hang it without a frame. Our foam core mounts are 5mm thick. This is our most cost effective method of mounting.
  • Gator Board Mounting is a sturdier mount. This mount is stiffer, won’t bend with humidity and is less likely to be damaged if dropped. These are great for longer term projects and are a more durable alternative to traditional foam core boards.  Our gator board mounts are 5mm thick.


A framed print is a beautiful thing!

We offer glass and acrylic framing, using either black or white frames.


Glass mounting is more resistant to scratching and is best for use in any areas that may expose your print to a high risk of damage.  It is heavier than Acrylic so for larger print sizes that will be hung on a wall, you will need to consider a sturdy mounting option.  It restricts UV light to extend the life of the print.


Acrylic is a light weight option which is less resistant to scratching than glass but has a higher light transmission rate, making the image clearer in appearance than if it was under glass.  It is also lighter so is easier to mount than a similar size glass frame.  It has a higher UV rating than glass so your print will have a longer lifespan.