Photographing with Fujifilm Reala 120

Photographing with Fujifilm Reala 120

We were reminiscing today about the discontinued Fujifilm Reala. A great film to track down online as people are still selling it. Fuji describe it as ‘A premium ISO 100-speed emulsion delivering exceptional color accuracy. The finest, smoothest grain and the best sharpness of all SUPERIA films’. We found the colouring beautiful and it really shines in natural light.

This photo was taken on a Mamiya RB67 Pro II & 110mm Lens on Fujifilm Reala 120. Film processing was done in house through our Noritsu developer and then scanned with our Noritsu scanner. The image is a resized but otherwise unedited scan.

Our Lead Fine Art Printer

Sergio Leyva Seiglie, our Lead Fine Art Printer has been taking photos for many years. A large body of his work is street photography mainly focused around Havana, Cuba where he was born and lived until moving to Sydney this year.


Sergio’s focus in his Cuban series is on the moments, situations, characters and places that captivated him and that carry Cuba’s distinctiveness, as he sees it. They are a small testimony to his tireless roaming around the streets of Havana, paying tribute to his homeland.


As a photographer, Sergio knows how important it is to print using paper that brings an image to life. He is passionate about a precise printing workflow. In his words, ‘Printing is the realisation of the whole photography process. It is where the photo you conceived comes to life.’


To see Sergio’s photography work visit,

Kent Studio Street: New Fine Art Printing Business in Sydney CBD

Sydney, Australia – 23 May, 2016 – Kent Street Studio is delighted to announce the launch of their professional fine art printing business in Sydney CBD. Kent Street Studio is located at Level 1, 362 Kent Street, Sydney.


Kent Street Studio will offer a range of printing services to a full spectrum of customers including large organisations such as galleries and museums along with professional photographers, photographic enthusiasts and individuals with family and holiday snaps to print. The Studio is now fully operational with state of the art equipment providing professional printing services including professional fine art printing, film services (develop, scan and print) and standard wet lab printing of the highest quality.


Kent Street Studio owner, Lucinda Dalton, on the launch said, ‘We are excited and proud of this new venture. We believe it is critical to imaging, to photography and for the creativity of so many photography enthusiasts. Professional printing is the final stage in the life of a photograph. Our passionate team will use their years of experience and their commitment to art to help people capture their images on paper.’


Kent Street Studio’s objective is to have a true customer focus. They will achieve this through a consultative approach to every fine art print, the range of beautiful quality papers they have available and the clear workflow they have designed.


More information on the services offered by Kent Street Studio is available on the Kent Street Studio website and social media pages.


Contact: Mark McDonald

Position: Marketing Manager

Business: Kent Street Studio

Telephone: 02 9789 9703


Post: PO Box 30, Canterbury, NSW 2193