Printing your art and photography will give it a whole new life, with more depth and texture than you could ever imagine. That’s why we use the best quality photographic and fine art papers. These include silk lustre, cotton rag, gloss and metallic finishes. Combined with the expertise that comes with the Canon Pro 4000 print system we provide archival quality prints with vivid colours and true blacks.

Most of our paper range comes in sizes from A4 up to a massive 30 metre x 1.1 metre roll, accommodating almost any size print.  Please call us if you require custom print sizes.

Our Fine Art papers include:

  • Chromajet Centurion Photo Gloss 285 gsm
  • Chromajet Centurion Silk 285 gsm
  • Chromajet Centurion Metallic Pearl 255 gsm
  • Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photo Rag 308 gsm
  • Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk 310gsm
  • Ilford Galerie Fine Art Smooth Gloss 310gsm
  • Innova Smooth Cotton High White 315 gsm

Each paper allows you to express yourself and your craft uniquely through your fine art prints. Learn about each paper here and find the perfect fit for your images.


Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photo Rag

Photo Rag® is a matte 308 gsm paper. Its smooth, white 100% cotton delivers a texture that adds depth to your images.  Its quality, combined with our 12 colour ink Canon Pro 4000 printer and care in printing guarantees archival standards.

Excellent for photographic and fine art reproduction.  Works well with digital art, black & white or colour photography. Also, limited edition prints, presentation prints for display purposes and exhibitions.

Chromajet Centurion Photo Gloss

This super white 285gsm smooth high gloss paper is suitable for all printing where gloss is going to provide the result you are looking for. It has the look and feel of a traditional silver halide photo paper due to its true photographic resin coated substrate base. The paper is specifically designed for high quality professional photographic output and boasts a 90 year archival rating, making it perfect for professional use, Fine Art, and photography.


Chromajet Centurion Silk

Photo Silk 285 is a super white 285gsm, smooth, silky premium semi-gloss paper. This is a great choice for almost everything from portraits to landscapes, giving a stunning pearl finish while adding a depth and texture to your photos.

The 100% virgin fibre media is sourced from sustainable forests and has received the Nordic Swan Award; the most demanding ecological mark in international paper.


Chromajet Centurion Metallic Pearl

A high impact paper this 255gsm high gloss has a remarkable ‘pearlescent’ metallic finish.

Great for landscapes and architectural images that have clean lines and shiny surfaces. It offers exceptional image clarity and brilliant colour reproduction, similar to traditional silver-halide metallic photographic papers.

The 100% virgin fibre media is sourced from sustainable forests and has received the Nordic Swan Award; the most demanding ecological mark in international paper.


Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk

This 310gsm paper creates high definition images with an extended tonal range and excellent archival properties making it a must for exhibition quality prints. Perfect for colour images with vibrancy and depth. With black and white images, you can create the look of chemically toned sepia, gold, selenium and blue images, the number of variations are only limited by the imagination.


Ilford Galerie Fine Art Smooth Gloss

At 310gsm this media provides a heavier base than our other gloss options gives the heavyweight look and feel of a traditional photograph.  Provides a superb colour gamut with clarity and sharpness.


About our printer

The Canon Pro 4000 is used by professional photographers world-wide.  It’s a 44”, 12 ink system printer.  What does that mean?  Well aside from being able to do very large prints the inks truly set it apart.

The 12 inks produce a very wide gamut of colour and tone, smooth gradations and excellent detail in the shadows.

It has Chroma Optimiser which greatly enhances the final appearance of prints on glossy media, adding depth, saturation and any bronzing that happens when printing on gloss papers. It achieves this by minimising microscopic bumps between ink droplets, giving prints a uniform glossiness. This regulates surface reflections to prevent a bronzing effect.