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The Fine Art Printing Process

You are the artist. We collaborate with you to bring your work to life.


Select and Prepare your Images

Firstly, select the image you want to print on our state of the art printing equipment. Prepare your images so that you are ready to hand them to our specialist Printer when you meet.

To prepare your image, you will need to save it as a TIFF or DNG. You should save a size that is appropriate for the size you want to print. If you don’t know the appropriate size, call or email the studio and talk to us.


Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with one of our Printers to meet at our studio, or if you’re not local to the studio, make an appointment to talk via telephone or Skype.


Choose your Paper

We’ll work with you to find the perfect paper stock to match the feel of your work. Whether it’s a beautifully smooth matte stock or a coated paper with deep blacks and beautiful reflectance under gallery light, we can cater to your needs.


Collaborate with us in Our Calibrated Studio
Before the final print is made, sit with one of our specialist Printers and collaborate to ensure colour accuracy of your final image, and make any last corrections. Once completed, your image is ready for printing.


Your Beautiful Print
Sit back and wait for your print to come to life. Once completed, we’ll package it safely for you to transport to your gallery, studio, home or client. If we’re framing or mounting it for you, we will let you know once it is complete.