Passport Photos

We offer rapid passport photo services for Australian and International passports. Different countries have unique passport photo requirements – we’ll make sure they’re met for whatever country you’re travelling into.


Price List

Service Price
Printed or Digital Photo $19.00
Printed + Digital Photo $26.00
Printed Photo + Photo Certification $26.00
Printed + Digital Photo + Photo Certification $29.00


In Australia, biometric passports and the SmartGate system require specific photography conditions to be met. Our passport photo workflow ensures that your photos fulfil all necessary passport lighting and size requirements in your chosen country, for worry-free print or digital passport photos and rapid border processing by automated biometric scans.


Digital copies of your passport photos can be used for online passport renewal applications in countries such as New Zealand. Digital versions can be emailed directly to you from the store.


Where required a certificate can be printed which validates the requirements of your photograph in a given country and conform to standards set out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).


Get your passport photos within minutes at Kent Street Studio store- 442 Kent St, Sydney.