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Fine Art Printing

We understand the importance of each and every print – the final output of your finest work. Our Printers work directly with you to ensure your images receive the attention they deserve.

Whether you’re getting your prints ready for an exhibition, for your customers or for your own home, our professional print workflow ensures the highest level of fine art prints every time.

Our service includes:

  • Exhibition and gallery quality prints.
  • Extensive paper range including Hahnemuhle, Innova and Chromajet.
  • Finishes ranging from glossy to photo rag and smooth cotton.
  • Giclee printing process for outstanding print quality.
  • Collaboration with our printer.

Price List

Paper Stock A4 A3 A3+ A2 A1
Lustre $25 $35 $65 $105 $145
Coated Gloss $25 $35 $65 $105 $145
Metallic $25 $35 $65 $105 $145
Cotton Rag /
Fibre Base
$25 $35 $65 $105 $145
Consultation (after first 15 minutes) $30 per 15 minutes

Price includes free 15 minute consultation and or basic edit

Our Paper

We use the best quality photographic paper, because the beauty of your print can be enhanced by the textures, touch, tones and the pop of colour on certain types of paper. Our photographic paper includes Centurion 285 photo silk, rag, lustre and also gloss and metallic that make portrait and fashion prints shine. We have cotton rag photographic paper for depth and contrast in street, architecture and B&W photographs.


We suggest photo paper that brings authenticity to your print. And to bring to life the story you want to tell.


Most of our paper range comes in sizes from A4 up to a massive 30 metre x 1.1 metre roll for almost any size print.

Our paper stock includes:

  • Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photo Rag 308 gsm
  • Innova Smooth Cotton High White 315 gsm
  • Chromajet Centurion Photo Gloss 285 gsm
  • Chromajet Centurion Silk 285 gsm
  • Chromajet Centurion Metallic Pearl 255 gsm

Our Printers

Our specialist Printers are available to meet for all fine art printing. They are passionate, and understand the work and dedication it takes to take a photograph. They are photographers.


When you meet, in person, via Skype or over the phone, our Printers will talk to you about your image, and ask you about the subject, where you intend to hang the print, or who you intend to give it to and in what format.


If it hangs on a wall in your house, it becomes part of your family, telling a story from a time and place; a story about the subject of the photograph, and a story about the photographer. You were there; listening, waiting, and watching the day and scene unfold. You were there choosing your shot, with precision, with care, or simply with a pinch of luck. It’s the story in the image as well as the photographer’s story that makes a photograph beautiful and inspiring.

These are all of the things our Printers want to hear. And once you’ve talked through the image, you’ll talk about where it will live and how it will be displayed. Will you give it away? Will you frame it and hang it in your home? Will it find life in an exhibition to be bought by a stranger who also sees its beauty?


Then the intricate work begins, where you will see the finest quality paper and our specialist Printers will make recommendations for your print. Should it be printed on silk paper or matt? Should the paper have texture and depth, what will give your photograph its best look and feel? We will talk to you about the paper, about how it feels, smells, renders, how it takes the ink, how the colours pop and how tones look.

You will discuss the aesthetic conventions and then you can say ‘forget the aesthetic conventions!’, because it’s all personal. It’s all subjective, and by printing your vision, you will bring the photograph to life.  We respect that you’re the photographer, the artist, and this print is another way for you to express yourself.


And then we print.

Standard Printing

We also print standard image sizes in our Noritsu c-type lab. These are exceptional quality and processed using state of the art equipment. We print on Kodak Endura Paper in a calibrated environment so your image will be beautiful. We can print to the standard print sizes between 3.5×5” to 12×18” with some customisation available for unique sizes available by cropping the image afterward.

Price List

Size Price
Digital Prints 3.5 x 5 $0.75
Digital Prints – 4×6 (1-10 prints) $0.95
Digital Prints – 4×6 (11+ prints) $0.30
Digital Prints – 5×7 $3.55
Digital Prints – 6×8 $3.95
Digital Prints – 6×9 $4.55
Digital Prints – 8×10 $8.95
Digital Prints – Panoramic – 5×13 $10.00
Digital Prints – Panoramic – 8×20 $15.00
Digital Prints – Panoramic – 8×30 $25.00
Digital Prints – Panoramic – 8×36 $30.00
Digital Prints – Square – 5×5 $1.10
Digital Prints – Square – 8×8 $5.00
Digital Prints – Square – 10×10 $12.00
Digital Prints – Custom Please call for a quote

Mounting and Framing

Finishing off your prints is all part of the process.

We supply prints un-mounted, mounted or framed. It’s up to you and how you would like your final print presented.



Mounting is a popular option to finish off your print. It is a professional and stylish alternative to framing, and gives extra support to your print so it will last longer. Prints are mounted flush to the edge on mounting boards. We offer Foam Core and Gator Board mounting.

  • Foam Core Mounting is sturdy and lightweight, allowing you to easily hang it without a frame. Our foam core mounts are 5mm thick. This is our most cost effective method of mounting.
  • Gator Board Mounting is a sturdier mount. This mount is stiffer, won’t bend with humidity and is less likely to be damaged if dropped. These are great for longer term projects and are a more durable alternative to traditional foam core boards.  Our gator board mounts are 5mm thick.



A framed print is a beautiful thing!

We offer glass and acrylic framing, using either black or white frames.


Glass mounting is more resistant to scratching and is best for use in any areas that may expose your print to a high risk of damage.  It is heavier than Acrylic so for larger print sizes that will be hung on a wall, you will need to consider a sturdy mounting option.  It restricts UV light to extend the life of the print.


Acrylic is a light weight option which is less resistant to scratching than glass but has a higher light transmission rate, making the image clearer in appearance than if it was under glass.  It is also lighter so is easier to mount than a similar size glass frame.  It has a higher UV rating than glass so your print will have a longer lifespan.

Albums & Portfolios

Do you have a collection of images that are hiding on a CD or hard drive? Why not bring them to life by creating an archive quality photo album? Tell a visual story that relives a special day or a lifetime of memories. Combine our high quality giclee prints with a premium leather finish Permajet Snapshut Folio to create a unique heirloom that can be shared with friends, family and future generations.


Perhaps you’re a professional photographer looking to create a portfolio or photo album as a sales tool or add-on to your existing services?  Work with our Printer to help bring out the best in your images. Available in a variety of paper types and sizes up to A3+.

Passport Photos

We offer rapid passport photo services for Australian and International passports. Different countries have unique passport photo requirements – we’ll make sure they’re met for whatever country you’re travelling into.


Price List

Service Price
Printed or Digital Photo $19.00
Printed + Digital Photo $26.00
Printed Photo + Photo Certification $26.00
Printed + Digital Photo + Photo Certification $29.00


In Australia, biometric passports and the SmartGate system require specific photography conditions to be met. Our passport photo workflow ensures that your photos fulfil all necessary passport lighting and size requirements in your chosen country, for worry-free print or digital passport photos and rapid border processing by automated biometric scans.


Digital copies of your passport photos can be used for online passport renewal applications in countries such as New Zealand. Digital versions can be emailed directly to you from the store.


Where required a certificate can be printed which validates the requirements of your photograph in a given country and conform to standards set out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Get your passport photos within minutes at Kent Street Studio store- 442 Kent St, Sydney.