We understand how important your creative projects are. Our professional team individually scan your images for the maximum depth, colour and detail.


We can scan 35mm and 120mm medium format film, cut or uncut negatives and 35mm slides. These are scanned on our state-of-the-art Noritsu HS-1800 scanner to beautifully capture the unique qualities of light.


We can also scan prints up to A4 size on our professional flatbed scanner.


Delivering scans to you
Scans are supplied back to you as JPEG files in sizes varying from 3-10mb.  Scanned images will be provided on CD unless you opt for delivery via DropBox or USB.

How to send us your images

In Sydney – Drop off
If you are in Sydney you can drop off your negatives, slides or photos to our partner store, Digital Camera Warehouse, 174 Canterbury Road, Canterbury.

Post to us
Please send to us at: PO Box 20, Canterbury NSW 2193.

Confirmation and payment

Once we receive your package, we will email you an order confirmation which includes details of how to pay. Your job will be despatched on receipt of payment.



35mm or 120 Negatives (per uncut roll) $20.00
35mm or 120 Negatives (per cut roll) $25.00
35mm or 120 Negatives (per cut strip) $10.00
Single Frame 35mm or 120 (please don’t cut negatives!) $5.00
Slide – Single $5.00
Slides – 10+ (per slide) $4.00
Slides – 50+ (per slide) $3.50
Scanning from print $5.00

Add-on services

Scanning – High Resolution TIFF file (per roll) $5.00
Dropbox upload per order $5.00
KSS 16GB USB with images $7.00
Shipping (if required) $5.00