Our professional team individually scan your images for the maximum depth, colour and detail.


We scan prints up to A4 size on our professional Epson flatbed scanner.


We scan 35mm and 120 cut or uncut negatives and 35mm slides on our state-of-the-art Noritsu HS-1800 scanner, to beautifully capture the unique qualities of light.


Our scan size for 6 x 4.5 is equal to 17 Megapixels – which is the highest resolution that Noritsu HS-1800 can do for 120 film – 2400dpi (true optical resolution) per inch of the negative’s physical size. We can also scan 120 film with frame edges (doesn’t include markings, only the edge) which will result in a slightly bigger file (about 19 Megapixels) by gaining extra area lost due to cropping.


Our scanners are equipped with antistatic film dust cleaners/brushes. We also have a commercial air purifier in place and use an H-grade vacuum. Colour negatives will have automatic Digital Ice dust removal turned on during scanning, which is very effective. The black and white negatives don’t have Digital Ice applied due to silver contents in the film itself so scans are likely to require some dust spotting in post.


How to send us your photos or negatives for scanning
In Sydney – Drop off
You can drop off your images to our partner store in Sydney, Digital Camera Warehouse at 174 Canterbury Road, Canterbury.

Post to us
PO Box 20, Canterbury NSW 2193.

What to include

  • What you want scanned
  • Name, address, email and contact phone number

You can use our online order form to give us your details and let us know your photos or negatives are coming. The form will calculate your order total and we will contact you with a payment request when it arrives.

Turn around time

Once we receive your order, please allow a week for us to complete it. If you have a more urgent request, please call us on (02) 9789 9722 or email studio@kentstreetstudio.com.au


35mm or 120 Uncut Negatives (per uncut roll) $20.00
35mm or 120 Cut Negatives (per cut roll) $25.00
Scanning – High Resolution TIFF file (extra per roll) $10.00
35mm or 120 Negatives (per cut strip) $10.00
Single Frame 35mm or 120 (please don’t cut negatives!) $5.00
Slides – per slide $5.00
Slides – 10+ (per slide) $4.00
Scanning from prints $5.00
Add-on services
Dropbox – scans uploaded (included) FREE
DVD – scans burned to disc $2.00
KSS 16GB USB – scans saved to USB $5.00
Shipping (if required) $5.00